• ​​Work with more Ideal clients​
  • Make more consistent income
  • Feel at ease during enrollment conversations (& when talking about what you do)
  • Feel more confident
  • ​Create  marketing that is effective, yet authentically you

It's  frustrating because you know you’re here to make a difference by giving back and changing lives. You want to reach more people and have real impact. What's getting in your way?

  • You are working hourly or in single sessions
  • You undervalue & undercharge for your services
  • You are not having powerful enrollment conversations
  • You overwork. You feel exhausted & overwhelmed
  • You long for more, consistent energy
  • Your marketing isn't congruent with you (nor does it resonate with your clients)
  • You don't feel like an expert in your field

I work with clients who are passionate masters in their field, yet don't feel that same level of mastery in running their business. Mastery is not a skill. It is a commitment to take your life and your business to a higher level. It starts with desire and requires discipline. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, just  like you, to:

  • Stop trading dollars for hours
  • Position their unique skill set so it sets them apart from the crowd
  • Create a signature system that sells for thousands of dollars
  • Start charging higher fees and get them
  • Talk about what they do in a way that makes clients want to work with them
  • Have meaningful enrollment conversations and stop sounding or feeling “Salesy” (or feel like Selling, is selling your Soul)
  • Simplify their marketing so they generate more & consistent income

​​If you are a  gifted, heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneur who longs to share your talents and abilities with the world but you feel uncomfortable with marketing and messaging, you are in the right place.

I will help you:

    *get crystal clearabout what you do and what makes You unique in 

      today's marketplace

     *identify who are your ideal clients and how to talk with them so

       they are eager to work with you

     *create a unique signature system that packages your expertise,

       knowledge & skills that sells for much more than you are charging now! 

​​​--If this sounds like you and you are tired of struggling in

   your business

--If you sense that Now is the time to create a business that

   is both financially-and-spiritually rich

--If you are ready to take your work (rewarding and

   fulfilling as it is) to the next level of Success...

  I can help.  

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​​​You are a Heart-centered Entrepreneur...

Ivy Stirling

You Love

what you do...

​but you struggle in your business

You want to take your business
to the next level of
 so you can: